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This Cookie Policy has been developed by Fluvius System Operator cvba (hereinafter referred to as Fluvius) for the website
Fluvius acts as an operating company for the following utility companies involved in the distribution of electricity, gas, sewerage and cable TV: Gaselwest, Imea, Imewo, Infrax West, Inter-aqua, Inter-energa, Intergem, Inter-media, Iveg, Iveka, Iverlek, PBE, Riobra and Sibelgas. Fluvius is located at Brusselsesteenweg 199, 9090 Melle, Belgium and is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0477.445.084.

Fluvius was created as an operating company by the merger of utility companies Eandis and Infrax, which took place on 1 July 2018. More information available on (hereinafter referred to as: the website).

During a visit to the website, cookies may be placed on the hard disk of your computer. This is done in order to better adjust the website to the needs of our users.

This cookie policy provides you with information about the cookies used on the website and their purpose. You can find practical information in this cookie policy document:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website which you are visiting can store on the hard disk of your computer. This makes it possible to remember the user's preferences when using the website.

Cookies act as a ‘memory aid’ for websites. They may remember user settings and other data (language choice, login data, selected municipality, etc.), but do not store any personal data which may identify you directly, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. Below is an overview of the personal data we collect through cookies.

More information about disabling cookies through your browser is shown below.

What types of cookies exist?

Cookies are classified by their origin, function and lifetime.


  • First-party cookies are cookies that are placed by the website that the user is visiting at that moment.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies which are placed by a third party when a user visits the website (e.g. cookies placed by Google).

Our website places only first-party cookies.


  • Functional cookies are cookies which ensure that the website works properly (e.g. cookies for logging in, language preferences, the municipality selection window, etc.). Functional cookies are first-party cookies.
  • Non-functional cookies are cookies that are placed for statistical, social and commercial purposes. They have nothing to do with the purely technical support of the website. Non-functional cookies may be first-party or third-party cookies. You can find more information below about the various purposes of these non-functional cookies: ­
    • Cookies used for statistical purposes make it possible to find out which pages of the website have been visited, where a user's computer is located, etc.
    • Cookies used for social purpose allow the user to share the contents of the website visited directly via social media


  • Permanent cookies: these cookies remain on the user's device for the lifetime of the cookie. They are activated whenever the user visits the website that placed the cookie (e.g. cookies placed by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, ...).
  • Session cookies these cookies make it possible to simplify and link up a user's actions during a browser session. A browser session begins when a user opens the browser screen and ends when the user closes the browser screen. Session cookies are placed temporarily. As soon as the browser is closed, all session cookies are deleted.

What cookies are used on this website?

Below you will find a list of the most important cookies that we use on our website and their purpose.

Functional cookies

To disable these cookies, you can adjust the settings of your browser.

Name Lifetime Origin Purpose
has_js Session First-party This cookie is used to keep the content of the website up-to-date.
cookie-agreed 90 days First-party This cookie is used to keep the content of the website up-to-date.
vuid 2 years First-party This cookie stores information about videos shown on the website.
player 1 year First-party This cookie stores information about the quality/noise level selected in the video player.

Non-functional cookie

You can refuse these cookies if you want to browse the website.

Name Lifetime Origin Purpose
2 years
10 minutes
24 houres
1 minute
First-party This cookie is set by Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to analyse the behaviour of visitors of our website. On the basis of this analysis, we can continue to improve our website. More information is shown on this Google web page.

What personal data do we process using cookies?

We collect the following personal data via the cookies mentioned: your IP address, your browser type and language, the browser software, the type and brand of equipment you used while connected to our websites and apps, the time of your website visit and the web address from which you visited our website, the pages you viewed, the links on which you click, and other actions you take on our websites.

For more information on the processing of your personal data, we refer to our Privacy Statement..

With whom do we share the data collected through cookies?

We share certain data with Google: information about your device, location (on the basis of the IP address) and your behaviour on the website.

We ensure that appropriate measures have been taken to safeguard these personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation.

We have not allowed Google to use the obtained analytical information for other Google services.

Social media buttons

Our website shows buttons to promote ("Like") or share ("Tweet") websites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These buttons contain a code originating on the website of these social media. By using this code, cookies from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are placed on your device. For more information on the processing of data through cookies by the social media websites, we refer to the privacy policies of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How can I see what cookies are placed on my device and how do I remove them?

If you want to know what cookies have been placed on your device or if you wish to delete these, you can use a setting in your browser. Via the links below you will find more information about this for each browser.


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